3rd Power pickups - MAGFRAG S-type set

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MAGFRAG S-type set
(Parchment covers)

In 2017, 3rd Power’s MAGFRAG pickups were the first humbuckers on the market to combine vintage construction methods with unique magnetic chips rather than a standard bar magnet. And while the practice of utilizing different magnetic materials in the construction of single coil electric guitar pickups has been done before, 3P has taken it a step further.

MAGFRAG S-TYPE pickups employ the same three Alnico magnet types (Alnico II, Alnico IV, Alnico V) as MagFRAG humbuckers so your S-Type, HSS, and HSH equipped guitars can sound their best while delivering a consistent performance across all of your instruments.

The MAGFRAG S-TYPE pickups represent 3rd Power’s take on the classic tone of vintage ’60s single-coils with added punch and power thanks to our MAGFRAG slug design. MAGFRAG ST pickups possess the spirit of these legendary vintage tones but offer more punch, clarity, headroom and balanced dynamics thanks to Alnico II, IV and V magnets.

6.13 kOhms (neck) 
6.50 kOhms (middle) 
7.40 kOhms (bridge) 

In stock and ships within 1-2 days