3rd Power pickups - MAGFRAG "Aeria" humbucker set

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MAGFRAG "Aeria" humbucker set
(Raw nickel covers, 50mm bridge, 4-conduct. wiring)

Proudly made in the USA, MAGFRAG pickups represent a modern update on the classic PAF humbucker of the 1950s. MAGFRAGS are a dual coil, three-magnet (rather than a typical single bar magnet) electric guitar pickup with superb clarity, detail and warmth for a stunningly direct sound with breathtaking realism.  

Multi-magnet construction, Alnico II (1st and 2nd strings), Alnico IV (3rd and 4th strings), and Alnico V (5th and 6th strings), and Four Conductor wiring make MAGFRAG pickups exceptionally flexible. And with vintage-style plain enamel insulated coil wire (purple wire) and a multi-step CAD programmed and computer controlled wind process, MAGFRAG pickups capture anything from a tickle on the strings to roaring shred without unwanted muck or undesired coloring to your sound. With MAGFRAG pickups installed, every nuance of your playing will pop out of the mix with ease.

The AERIA humbucking pickup gets its inspiration from early 50s designs. Clear, detailed, warmth with the perfect balance of air are how we describe the AERIA. The AERIA is slightly underwound compared to the PRAXIS which delivers an airy openness to semi-hollowbody guitars and enhanced clean headroom to solid-body guitars. The neck version eliminates tubby low end while remaining full and pairs perfectly with the AERIA bridge pickup. 4-conductor wiring is standard.

Neck 7.0 kOhms
Bridge 7.35 kOhms

In stock and ships within 1-2 days