Missing Link Audio - Statesboro Bluesman

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"Dynamic Slide Guitar Tone & Response"

* This is simply the best fuzz pedal to compliment your Peacock Overdrive or any pedal you can pair it with. It adds that sticky - spongy Duane slide tone to your existing rig with enough drive to push your amp into overdriven heaven. That perfect "Hollow Honk" Duane tone as often described. And the first pedal ever to be introduced in that Famous Anvil Road Case design.

* Engineered for smooth dynamic response and vintage coloration. Completely sensitive to the volume and tone knobs of your guitar.

* It's natural and transparent and very much amp like. It responds like no other. The Volume allows you set your rig for lower volume while keeping the pedal in the mix. The Drive control allows you to dial in the amount of bite you need for the perfect slide tone and response. The Sweep allows you to control the amount of bottom end frequencies as well as the amount of highs desired.

Geek notes: This is the one if you want to nail the tones of the 60's greats. Duane - Eric - Blackmore- Gilmour- Page etc.... it comes from the classic fuzz school of the 60's but moves beyond the simple saturated square waves of the original fuzzes and brings it some modern versatility. NPN design using rare and proper gained silicon transistors for tonal uniformity with a unique "sweep" control that pans between bass boosted to treble boosted. in conjunction with the drive and volume. This is the pedal for guys who don’t like fuzz’s but want to accomplish what a sweet fuzz can do.

* Power Supply: 9-volt DC Adapter not included.

* True Bypass.

Ships within 7-10 days from order