Dreamsongs Pickups - Vintage Custom STRAT set

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This "custom” set combine the best of the “vintage” strat pickups with the best of the “hot” strat pickups:
- a vintage voiced neck pickup, with controlled basses, clean brilliant trebles, and a nice balanced mid range;
- a hotter bridge pickup, for singing trebles, increased midrange and thickness;
- a calibrated middle pickup, for classic strat tones in position 2 and 4.
A very versatile set, great for every style and genre.  
Vintage built using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, quality Alnico 5 magnets, enamel magnet wire and cloth lead wires. Wax potted to avoid unwanted microphonics.
dcr (+/- 5%) Bridge: 6.7k Middle: 6.3k Neck: 5.7k
In stock and ships within 1-2 days