Mason Dixon - Historic Pure Nickel Strings by MLA (.010-046 set)

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 The Historics Set of Electric Strings are designed to the exact specifications of Pure Nickel Electric strings as used 50Plus Years Ago. Yes these are the ones many of your guitar hero's were using on those early recordings.

Pure Nickel on Round Core produce the rich, warm tones. That means more of that rich, full tonal character. Constructed with a pure nickel wrap wire on a round core wire to produce a distinctive warm and balanced sound with rich overtones and a vintage vibe. Tone and feel of classic American rock and blues with chords that ring out sweet and round, while leads have more punch and sustain. Perfect for every Guitar Player.

Now Its Your Turn.

Gauges: .010 – .013 – .017 – .026 – .036 – .046