Missing Link Audio - Hotlanta LE (Limited Edition)

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"Our Flagship Pedal Now Has an Evil Twin and the Tone is Amazing"

We found a way to add even more tone to our flagship pedal the Hotlanta, by increasing the gain just enough and adding germanium to the overall design. The results are amazing and an entire new pedal has was born.

Now even more articulate along with more tonal bloom in every chord played. It makes finding those searing lead tones even easier at lower volumes. This Limited Edition allows you to plug into a clean amp on low volume and have it react and sound as if you had the volume cranked to 11 and beyond.

The pedal still cleans up with your volume knob and saturates into tube like compression with plenty of pick attack as you roll the volume up or down. The germanium adds a vintage coloration to your overall tone and a touch of sizzle to individual notes you play. The Harmonics are more pronounced but just as natural as before and it makes a non tube amp sound like a tube amp. The harder you pick the more your notes bloom and swell. The sustain in the Limited Edition is greatly increased.

This Dual Drive gives you the added benefit of having an extra gain stage when you want more. With the Limited Edition you get a lot more of those thick crunch tones that were made popular in the 70's and 80's. Perfect for solo’s or added drive without having to stack extra pedals to get the tone you are looking for. The second gain stage can be left on all of the time and controlled with your guitars volume knob.

The Voice control allows you to dial in a vintage speaker quality. Setting the control higher reminds you of an old JBL speaker with those crisp highs and with the control dialed back you get that classic lower midrange similar to an old Celestion. The balance is exceptional.

Every Component used to build HotLanta is hand picked and tested for exact measurements.

9 Volt Power Supply Not Included

Ships within 7-10 days from order