Thermion - Freeway Preamp/D.I /Speaker Emulator

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Freeway is the DI guitar amplifier, speaker modeler and recording interface that lets you play live shows, rehearsals or record your ideas anywhere, always with warm, analog and dynamic tones.

A tool in the size of a pedal, with full stereo capability and open signal path. It is specially designed to integrate all your effects, overdrives, modulations and preamps in a single all-road pedalboard.

Freeway is an amplifier and also studio interface. You can record or play over backing tracks using your computer or phone thanks to its USB compatibility with PC, iOS and Android.

Discover its stereo Analog Speaker Modeling engine, a warm and detailed speaker emulation that you can customize, or pair Freeway with external speaker modellers or guitar power amps, bypassing the speaker emulation.

Create complex atmospheres thanks to its eight stereo reverbs. Use your preamplifiers as a second channel through its preamp loop. Get the most out of your effects thanks to its stereo effects loop.

 In stock ships within 24 hrs